Wednesday, January 18: Navigating the Critical Ages of Retirement Income Planning — Presented by Heather Schreiber


About this free webinar sponsored by Mutual of Omaha: As people transition through their working years into retirement, identifying key planning ages along the way can be difficult for even the most well-intentioned planners. Missing opportunities to save more or to leverage little-known strategies can make the difference in setting the stage for a purposeful retirement rather than a reactive one. The risks many retirees face are many – from longer life expectancies, dwindling pensions, and rising healthcare costs to concerns over Social Security trust funds’ continued insolvency on the horizon. It pays for those approaching retirement to sit squarely in the driver’s seat, equipped to take charge of their road to retirement. Help your clients identify potential roadblocks and leverage opportunities to an empowered retirement.

In this course, you will:

  • Understand why age 50 isn’t just for catching up
  • Learn about one of the most overlooked early withdrawal strategies financial professionals miss
  • Uncover a whole new way to define your home as part of your portfolio of wealth
  • Discover why age 63 is so important for many Medicare enrollees worried about tax diversification
  • Learn why 70 ½ is the age of the QCD Pivot
  • Engage your clients ages 50+ in new and meaningful ways

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