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W E L C O M E !

Thank you for visiting and bookmarking the Retirement Income Forum, a resource for professionals helping mature Americans along their path to a sustainable and comfortable retirement. As a dedicated Home Equity Retirement Specialist for over two decades, since 2003, I have worked closely with Financial Advisors, Attorneys, Fiduciaries, Public Guardians, Aging and Adult Services, Caregiving Agencies, and Real Estate Professionals — in California and beyond.

I have had the good fortune to co-author articles and provide continuing education classes with national experts on topics relevant to retirement income planning. These include Sequence of Returns Risk, Silver Divorce, RMLOC as a Buffer Asset, Cash Flow Management during the Decumulation Phase, I have also written about ways to protect the assets and lifestyle of Americans born from the early 1900s to the mid-century — and recently, to those born during the Summer of Love (like myself!).

It has been a goal of mine for more than a decade to provide one place for my partners to have easy access to a variety of helpful resources, all of which you’ll find on this site:

  • academic articles, opportunities to earn continuing education credits and MCLE
  • industry updates
  • Lifelong Learning on the Topics of Home Equity as a Cash Flow Management Tool
  • niche lending, 1031, IRC 121
  • right-sizing, downsizing
  • deferring and sometimes eliminating capital gain taxes when selling a highly appreciated primary residence (yes, this really happens)

Plus: At the Retirement Income Forum, you have access to a plethora of tools designed to help homeowners, and those seeking homeownership, live their best life — later in life. I organized the material on the lefthand side of the homepage page according to the audience to make it easier to find articles that may interest you and your colleagues.

You’ll also find:

 The Retirement Income Forum is for you: If you are hosting an event you think others should attend, run or admire a non-profit organization that we should promote, or have written important articles about the value of reverse mortgages and silver divorce, please send them along. I created this forum so that your voice can be heard.

Let’s work together: I am your guide and resource on reverse mortgages and how your profession may intersect with mine. Housing wealth is the largest retirement asset for most Americans entering the “Draw Phase” of life. Understanding the Ins and Outs and the Facts over Fiction is key to being their Trusted Advisor. Home equity is a key player and often the only source of tax-free income, whether for their securities portfolio, a client’s divorce near or after retirement, or paying for care for a loved one. One of the biggest shock waves affecting retirees today: Mortgages and HELOC’s re-casting to a new, higher payment. YIKES! Let’s collaborate and brainstorm to find the best solution for a client in need.

I look forward to connecting with you!

In health, Mary Jo