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Mary Jo Lafaye says: Thank you for surfing around my website, which we launched in Janaury 2023! Additional content for the Retirement Funding Forum will be posted regularly, so check back soon for more useful information.

Remember: The Retirement Funding Forum is a resource for professionals helping mature Americans along their path to a sustainable and comfortable retirement. As a dedicated Home Equity Retirement Specialist for over two decades, since 2003, I have worked closely with Financial Advisors, Attorneys, Fiduciaries, Public Guardians, Aging and Adult Services, Caregiving Agencies, and Real Estate Professionals — in California and beyond.

You are invited: If you have an article, video, or podcast that you think members of our community would be interested in, please send a query to my director of communications Hope Katz Gibbs.

I look forward to connecting with you! — In health, Mary Jo